Health Care at Affordable Price

Dedicated to providing multidisciplinary medical care by high professionals: doctors, pharmacists, physical advisors, nutritionists, clinical technologists, and other expert staff.

24-hours Day & Night Consultant Service

The hospital aims to provide 24/7 services for all types of emergency and healthcare service seekers. We are committed to providing the best at an affordable price.

Basic & Advanced Treatment Facilities

We provided advanced healthcare facilities with the latest medical equipment, facilities such as modular operating theaters, and radiology equipment including MRI, CT, angiogram, and automated laboratories.

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World class Service at Affordable Cost

  • A Touch of Home at all Steps of Treatment
  • Full and Comprehensive Service under One Umbrella
  • Ensure Transparency at all Transactions/Spending

Skill to heal
Spirit to care

We are committed to earn the trust of our patients and also the people who refer them to us. Our priority remains to provide 100% reliability, 24/7 availability, and compassionate care under one umbrella and touch of love so that patients feel at home all the time. Thus, our expert professionals are continuing the most affordable medical services to ensure quality treatment, making it a one-step service for patients in different needs. As a result, Al-Madina Hospital in Dhaka receives regional, national, and international recognition for healthcare excellence.

Our Quality Services

We maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality systems through committed and inspired leadership, the dedication of our staff, and the application of our values. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations; in the continual improvement of the quality of the services we deliver, and in the way we operate within the healthcare industry and the wider community.

ENT-Thyroid-Laser Center

Dedicated to offer comprehensive treatment for a wide range of patients who need surgical or conservative treatments for the nasal passages, sinuses, ears, mouth, pharynx, throat, and head-neck regions, backed by experienced ENT Consultants, doctors, nurses, and technologists. The department deals with all ENT related problems and emergency situations to provide full coverage of services.

Impulse Painless Normal Delivery

Dedicated to provide antenatal care for pregnant ladies with our gynecology and painless delivery team. All the facilities for painless normal vaginal delivery are available 24/7 to make sure the patients the best service.

Gastroliver Center

Our Gastroliver center is home to excellent patient care, and our specialists employ the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services to ensure the best outcomes for each patient. Working closely with a dedicated staff that includes doctors, technologists, nurses, dietitians and more, our care is unsurpassed with the kind of quality and compassion you can expect from a leader in healthcare.

Plastic Surgery

Our post graduate qualified plastic surgeons utilize the latest techniques and provide a wide variety of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for both men and women with safe, successful outcomes. The department offers both surgical and non-surgical services to help patients look and feel their best. The diverse works of the Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Department is unique to Al-Madina Hospital Dhaka.

Nephrology & Medicine

One of the leading providers of services for patients with kidney diseases, including the diagnosis and management of all forms of kidney diseases, as well as dialysis with the help of our expert Nephrology Consultants, junior doctors, nurses, and technicians who are highly experienced in-patient care and are treating hundreds of patients with kidney disorders.

Orthopedic & Trauma Center

Our Orthopedics & Trauma Centre is enriched to handle our orthopedic patients to a new standard. By performing numerous successful critical surgeries in the field of orthopedics & spine surgery and through the tireless efforts of our team of physicians and nurses we have already gained the trust of the people.